S3E4 - Gifts


Got gift-giving on your mind? You're not the only one to agonize over it! Is exchanging presents a magical practice of reciprocity that leads to stronger human bonds (Team Anthropology!) or is it an inefficient scourge leading to deadweight loss (Team Economics!)? In this episode, we explore these two camps...and in the process get to Japan's extreme gifting culture (Maria’s our in-house expert!), best/worst presents (yay!/ack!), holiday shopping, and registries. Get ready folks, we unwrap gift giving like no one else doeslike nerds!



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On Japanese gift giving etiquette

On Valentine’s Day & White Day in Japan 


Music this time by 50 Cent, The Isley Brothers, Queen Mariah & Natalie Merchant 

Posted on December 7, 2016 .