It's not just you: there IS something deeper going on there. In each episode of In Theory, co-hosts Maria Sachiko Cecire and Noorain Khan raid academia for the the most fascinating and relevant social, cultural, and scientific theories, and use them to help make sense of this beautiful mess of a world we live in.

Come geek out with us every other week as we get beneath the surface of topics from pop culture, politics, and our everyday lives. 


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Hey In Theory listeners! Thank you for your ride-or-die love for Season 3. It was our fav season yet, and it was amazing to hear from you all season long!

Over the past few weeks we have been thinking a LOT about what theory can do for us in the Trump era. How can theory inform resistance, activism, and self-care practices? What are the roots of American public policies, government norms, and mass sentiments, and how do these foundations matter for us today? This doesn't mean we don’t plan to take on enduring topics like sisterhood, disability inclusion, philanthropy, and (non-)marriage and childbearing (all topics we are hoping to tackle in upcoming seasons--eeep!!), but we need a sec to reorient. So all of that's to say that this is gonna be a wrap for Season 3 and we look forward to more more more theorizing with you in Season 4! In the meantime, keep sharing with friends, leaving ratings/reviews (thank youuuu), sending us your thoughts, and checking our FB / Twitter. We love you!


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